Frequently Asked Questions


What is the criteria used in selecting the 2020 national semifinalists?
Our goal is to select the most qualified, well spoken and beautiful delegate to participant in the ECO International pageants®. In order to achieve this, delegates will be selected on their application, telephone interviews, platform awareness along with her photos submitted to the national pageant.

Are there any preliminary state pageants?
Yes! Please contact the national office for information. Our focus and attention for 2020 will be given to the national pageant, ensuring our event a professional, high quality and fun-filled experience for all participants.  Many of our delegates will be selected as via an at-large process. 

Is there any fee?
Yes. Producing any pageant comes with a cost.  While we continue to look for ways to reduce our overall expenses without sacrificing the quality and experience, we must require a pageant fee .  100% of your pageant fee is put towards producing the national pageant.

What is the 2019 fee and what does the fee cover?
Please see our "to qualify" page which will outline and detail the pageant fee.

What does the entry fee cover?
Your entry fee covers, but not limited to, the following: Official preliminary crown and satin embroidered banner, Opening Number outfit, Competition Swimsuit/Resort Wear or Athletic Wear,  competition shoes,   a minimum of 6 meals during the entire national pageant,  full page black and white ad page, specially designed T-Shirt and monogrammed items, ground transportation to and from events/venue, hair/makeup and modeling seminar,  environmentally planned events, gifts and prizes.

What other cost are involved in participating?
Delegates are responsible for all travel related expenses to and from the host city. Additionally, delegates are responsible for any incidental expenses incurred during the national pageant along with their own hotel accommodations. There are no additional required cost, including mandatory ticket sales.

 Can delegates secure their own hotel accommodations ?
 Yes, over the past 18 years of our pageant involvement, we continued to receive feedback that many of our delegate prefer to either stay in a room by themselves or with a family member/friend who travels with them.  This also reduces the extra cost for family members and friends who attend the national pageant.  Additionally, many of our delegates bring their own hair or make up stylist.

Am I required to stay at the official hotel?
No, delegates may seek their own hotel accommodations however will be responsible for any travel related expenses to/from the host hotel or venue.  Delegates who choose this option will be held to the same expectations and schedule as those who stay in the host hotel.

If selected, when can I expect my crown and banner?
Crowns and Banners will be ordered once the entire pageant  fee has been paid in full.  Delegates should expect a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery of crown and banner

How are  state titles awarded in absence of a state event?
Titles are awarded on a first come, first accepted, first paid process.

Can more than one delegate be selected from the same state?
Yes. Our goal is to select the most qualified, well spoken and beautiful national semifinalists and will not limit the number of delegates selected from any one state.  However only one delegate may represent/hold the state title.  If the state title has been awarded, the national office will work with each delegate to select a title she would be honored and proud to hold.

Can I represent another state, if my state title has been awarded?
Yes.  National Semifinalists will be given the opportunity to represent a state in which they previously lived in, attended any level of school or have family/relatives residing in.

Is every applicant selected?
No.  While we seek the most qualified, well spoken and beautiful national semifinalists, we will limited the total number of participants.  In order to achieve our goal of providing a unique experience tailor made for each semifinalist and allowing individual one on one opportunities for all delegates, we need to limit the number.  Competing in our national pageant and holding your state title/crown is a honor and privelege.

Can current and former titleholders re-compete?
Yes, however they are ineligible to hold the same title again, but can compete for another national or international  title offered by the ECO International pageants .

Am I required to sell advertising or tickets?
No. There is no additional required costs other than the pageant fee and your travel expenses.

Is prior pageant experience required or needed?
No. What is more important is the strong ambition to make a difference in the world, be a champion and spokesperson for the mission of the pageant and a desire to compete in a pageant.

Do I have to be tall or a certain age to win?
No.  Jury members are required to score each delegate in a fair and impartial manner.  If you meet the qualifications, you could be wearing the national crown and title.  Be yourself and be proud of you.  That confidence and self-awareness will be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

If I participate and/or win, how much time is required?
We work with each of our delegates and titleholders and take into consideration your educational, vocational and personal obligations.  While we encourage each delegate to get involved in her community and state and do her part for our official cause,  respecting and accepting cultural differences.

If I need to withdraw or unable to compete, will I be entitled to a refund?
No. The ECO Inernational pageants uses your pageant fee for various  pageant related costs including venue and transportation deposits, marketing and advertising, printing and operating expenses, postage and shipping.  All fees are non-refundable.

If you do not see an answe

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