To begin the selection process:

  • The official expressed interest and consent application is required. 

There is no required additional fee/cost to apply.
Complete the online application.  

  • Do not omit any required information as this will delay the process.
  •  Certify that you meet the minimum requirements, have read  and understand the rules/regulations and agree to the code of conduct & titleholder contract.  
  • Within 48hrs of submission of your application, you will receive an email from the national office.  For those applying for a state/regional title in which a preliminary pageant will be conducted, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate preliminary director for follow up.  
  • For applicants in which no preliminary pageant will be conducted, the national office will schedule a phone interview.  The phone interview is designed as a "get to know you" interview.  Just be yourself as we seek likable, personable and approachable titleholders.
  • Following your initial telephone interview, you may be  scheduled for a second telephone interview.   If no second interview is needed, you will be notified by the national office of your acceptance within one week.  For states in which multiple applicants have applied, please anticipate a longer acceptance  timeframe.  If the state title you have applied for, is not available, you will be offered a regional title.  State and regional titles are considered to  have equal importance.
  • To accept and confirm your title a minimum deposit of $295.00 must be received within 7 days of acceptance.  Titles cannot be held or guaranteed until that deposit has been made.  The acceptance deposit includes your official one of kind state crown and satin embroidered rhinestone trimmed banner.   The deposit of $295.00 is an agreement of your intent to compete at the national pageant.
  • All deposits, payments and fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.   Failure to meet the contractual obligation and/or failure to pay all fees as required will result in immediate disqualification and crown and banner MUST be returned to the national office immediately and at the applicants expense. 

Online Application

The journey to the title and crown begins here!

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