Redefining Beauty

A pageant for all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Official United States National Preliminary to Miss ECO International & Miss ECO Teen International




Miss ECO International

Cairo, Egypt March 2020

Miss United Continents

Guayaquil, Ecuador September 2019

About Us

Pageant Motto

Women through her voice and her actions can have a positive impact on the environment and tourism on a global level, while serving as a  spokesperson for gender equality.

Pageant Creed

​We, woman of the United States, in order to advance the cause of respect, tolerance and mutual understanding while striving for a more peaceful and greener planet, thoughtfully and respectfully pledge ourselves to the crowning principals of charity, unity and peace and promise to spread this ideology wherever we go, whenever we can.

Pageant Mission

Unity through Diversity

Charity through Actions 

Peace through Tolerance

Earth through Conservation

Jordan Elizabeth crowned 2nd runner up - Miss ECO international 2019

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